Sunday, January 25, 2009


Golden globe,Oscars mostly, and many other awards..good movie.very good movie.

Well probably i dont know much bout movie making etc..
but i can partly relate to from where Amitabh B is coming from ,regarding his comments bout the movie.

What i would really like to do-

make a slumdog millionaire,UK version-in which the contestant can answer Qs regarding..
gun model numbers,heathrow and other tunnel bombing sites,racisim towards almost all 3rd world country people,and how to blindly follow usa and its policies.

IF Danny B can show how bombay really is..well we should show how v percieve U.K.
& obviously we will show THE BIG BEN,THE LONDON BRIDGE etc..cause he showed d TAJ MAHAL.

Also his childhood will include his sister being hidden for 20 yrs in a basement by the father (AUSTRLIA)and that they will not know the names of their neighbours coz they r all so aloof there.

As u can see,my thoughts are all jumbled,,,but im pretty good on the data,so any help with the screen play will be welcome.haha.-kiddin.

A.R.Rahman is a genius,with or without the OSCAR.

-------------"IT IS WRITTEN."------------------

Monday, January 19, 2009


One of the most inspiring speeches ever.

omar ,the cm

As u would know,omar is now the CM on J&K...and i know my blog is a piece of thrash.....but atleast someone read it or atleast his father did,,and made him the CM!
hope he lives up to his promise and the ppl there have a better life now.

Monday, August 4, 2008


As expected,i saw The Dark Knight again today..and it seemed just as entertaining ..3 of the 5 ppl watching it in the group were watching it for the 2nd time,and they share simliar feelings about the movie.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Heath Ledger

This guy has made THE JOKER immortal,and no one will ever be able to play this part as good as him.All those who have seen the movie,will agree..this guy was mind blowing.
Its a pity,he died..and did not get the accolades and awards he deserves.He should get the OSCAR for his performance,and this is not based on pity..but the amazing performance.

at the end of the movie,he tells batman:"YOU COMPLETE ME."

that scene alone makes Heath Ledger,THE JOKER,immortal.

Omar Abdullah

Is the system wrong,where such leaders cant be holding more important offices in the parliment?or is it that they get what they deserve?i think its the former. -PART 1 -PART 2 -PART 3

Omar Abdullah

This speech is so honest,india needs more leaders like him.